@IronmanEngineer did you figure a way out of $STBV i have it also

IronmanEngineer Aug 18, 17 2:24 PM

I called Etrade and they said it will be a few weeks before the forward split of 100 to 1 clears. I was not able to sell anything today. Good luck with it.

Eugene01Lion Aug 18, 17 3:06 PM

i can't sell my self how many shares you have i bout 30 thousand shares it sucks bro i had an operation done on my prostate i seen the doc for a follow up like 8/2 he told me to take sudafed 3 days later I'm in the hospital all most had a heart attack learn you can't take sudafed if you have hi blood pressure so like next mouth we will be able to trade i hope i can't get some money back that put me back just at 26 thousand i don't want to deal with that pet rule again

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