Good lesson today! +1 Put contract on $URBN @1.00 and out at 1.05. Admittedly, I took profits too soon and I made my trailing stop too tight. Will definitely work on that.. Positive side: i entered according to my signals, had little hesitation (Had a lot of hesitation before), and I adhered to my stop. Definitely much to learn still. I will continue to learn and grow. Small loses are my dues for the education that each trade teaches me. No other way to learn!

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[TimAlerts] $URBN $PERY $AEO all clothing retailers put up good earnings numbers. $WMT put in good numbers also.. these are a little bit more expensive stocks but the method is the same for those interested....futures are down a little and the higher priced stocks can follow the indices a little closer vs. the sub $10 stocks. either way, a good market day could pull these retailers to the upside a good %


[TimAlerts] To all the new people (including myself) I absolutely recommend to study befor you trade in penny stocks. I got a profit in $T , and $URBN, but when I first did penny stocks I was down by $200. As Tim says, CUT LOSSES ASAP. Goodluck!

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