@Lizzy8636 Here's one that would be a good Dipbuy at Sub 16s target area would be 16.40-16.55 it is Oil so be careful. I'll normally set a Stop at 5percent.

Fox_Trader Jun 01, 17 7:54 PM

Patterns tend to repeat , using trend lines , candles are a strong indicator , I'll concentrate on long moves star patterns.

Fox_Trader Jun 01, 17 8:05 PM

If a currency is showing signs of going in a opposite direction when I'm in on a trade I have my own rules for adding to my position. Only allow myself two add ons after opening a trade, this is compounding your position. If I short at let's say 9 and it's goes to 9.20 I'll add to it once it shows signs of changing directions breaking support reverse candles. Then I'll add to raise my overall position. If it goes against me one more time I'll add to it once then either close it out or let it ri

Fox_Trader Jun 01, 17 8:21 PM

That book I posted to your page a few months ago shows the candles for reversals.

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