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HermanMB Apr 02, 19 8:18 PM

@TimLento HI Tim. I was watching the Exit and Enties webinar tonight. I have 2 questions for you. What is turn level 2, do you have a video where I can watch this. Second, wehn you refer to a first red/green day, what is the actual time frame, 30 days, etc. and what is the time frame in the chart, Days -1 min??

TimLento Apr 02, 19 8:39 PM

first green day isn't an exact moment in time, you like to see a 20% move, usually you want to wait until the afternoon for confirmation, but it can depend on the chart pattern for an earlier entry. There was an example of a trade done by Mark Croock on my webinar today, 4/2/2019.

skatermdw Apr 23, 19 10:21 PM

Thank You Tim Lento, information was right on!!!!

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[TimChallenge] outside of this potential dip opportunity on YECO. I personally have not decide whether I am going to play this but if it keeps running, the next stop could be $2s (from $1.27). Does anyone else see the same thing?


[SuperAlerts] YECO have to call in orders at ameritrade and etrade and its still getting volume and has moved interesting

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