[TimAlerts] there is more to this stock $NAK own the biggest gold deposit in the world (apparently) and was block by Obama adm. on EPA rules, Trump may overturn this and let the permit to exploit that mine, this would be huge for them... read on on dynasty (Pebble Project)


[TimAlerts] I made some money on $NAK today, it held it's gains and looks good to me for tomorrow. Strong volume all day, slow mover but moved non the less. My sister in laws both live in Alaska and said there is tons of support locally for the Pebbel mine site. Not that i'm trying to get emotionally attached to this stock, but i honestly think it would be a good ON hold. Thoughts anyone?


[TimAlerts] $tbio Has good support @ .72 from 1/18/17. If it does anything today it would have to test that support level. IMO

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