Received 2 Karmas
Fox_Trader May 06, 18 8:08 PM

Wish you would be cheerful and happy again havent responded to me in months, im SAD . I thought we were going to buy a Boat ??

Brianna30 May 07, 18 1:56 AM

She Appears to be one of those Rude and Inconsiderate peeps on here. She doesn't answer of her people that follow her . Who is she Fox ??

Fox_Trader May 07, 18 8:33 AM

Brianna, we talked a lot prior to me heading to the Oil patch when I was there lost touch with a few people on her that have fun personalitys . She is sweet not sure if she is mad or what ?.? I remember she had a beloved doggie that passed away sad 😢

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