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CTCC0325 Nov 23, 18 8:16 AM

Keep digging, keep learning. Don’t set time limits for things like recovering losses, you will force yourself into trades. This takes time. You need to have realistic expectations. Don’t give up!

TigerofScalping Nov 24, 18 1:17 AM

it takes time and more money to make money...but still it will be a long journey for many traders.. ..i just wrote a blog about scalping...but that is more for advanced traders that already make money but maybe not constantly

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hacktheticker Jan 28, 17 8:40 AM

Thank you so much, I am following you, as I just started 2 days ago.

craig1066 Jan 28, 17 9:27 AM

Wow and thank you. I am new to trading and have watched videos and read up on similar information to this. But the way you explain it has really helped me turn a corner it all makes sense. Usually I finish reading something scratching my head. Look forward to more posts

CTCC0325 Jan 31, 17 10:58 AM

Awesome, thanks for the feedback. I will be posting again.

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MsMoneyHoney Jan 28, 17 3:08 AM

Well, sure, that would be nice to just use StockToTrade... but for beginners with puney accounts, it's pricey. So, thank you for sharing these resources!

kai87 Jan 28, 17 4:00 AM

Thanks for some info dude!

TraderDunn Jan 28, 17 9:50 PM

Start small bet small and grow and learn from there. The market isn't going anywhere.

peterbouzek Feb 09, 17 7:17 PM

In the beginning, it is better to practice mechanics on free platforms. Interactive Brokers free trial is pretty good. Open an account but do not use real money. Get realtime charts.

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