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smillie327 Feb 13, 16 3:25 PM

@JLLOYD ...look @ TRXC pattern over 3 days...i am memorizing this...TRXC PATTERNS R-o-o-o-c-k!

smillie327 Feb 13, 16 3:36 PM

TRXC...Feb. 10,11,12-2016...perfect BOUNCING BALL PATTERN Tim taught us about in his DVDs!

Palmer Feb 13, 16 5:06 PM

@JLLOYD yup, what's good about that is that it forces you to be more selective and a little more patient also...

Rollingball Feb 16, 16 10:20 AM

I was able to take profits today at .06 per share on small account with Robinhood. I really think it's the best broker to start with for small accounts like mine.

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Hope to be green again after that $70 Loss on $ASTI last week when i panic sold and found out I would have made $100+ if I hadn't sold and kept my emotions straight. Oh well, I made back a good chunk of it with my $31 $NETE win. Small money makes big money long term. Finally green again today 2/12/16 played $NETE again and got out with enough profit to make my account positive. Hopefully I can keep it going forward.

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Determining whether to make smaller multiple trades a week or making one big one when i have to wait 3 days for settlement... Very torn.

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TraderH Jan 29, 16 7:29 PM

Work a side job, save up the money, study, and trade. REPEAT. (tim's video lessons)

KShim Jan 29, 16 7:47 PM

I have an 1200$ account so I'm not too far off from you. When you have such small amounts of money, you need to only go for trades with big reward. I mean trades that can get you 15, 25, 50, or 100% return.

Cadile Jan 31, 16 3:32 PM

I started trading two weeks ago with $200 and am now up to $500 because i was tired of waiting on things to settle. It is rough waiting on those 3 days though. GoodLuck

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