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ShawnK521 Apr 11, 18 10:20 AM

So far so good this morning. Looks to be moving up. If this hits 6.82, is it likely to continue or bounce and move down?

kobayashimaru Apr 11, 18 10:30 AM

6.82ish is a resistance level and price might retrace off that. If it can break through meaning a strong push up then it can rally to the next level. I would take profits early if I were in the trade

ShawnK521 Apr 11, 18 11:04 AM

Well, I sold before it tanked. Only made a few bucks, but still learning. I was holding out for more and ended up not getting much.

kobayashimaru Apr 11, 18 11:39 AM

Thats great, profits are profits no matter the size. Now on to the next trade

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