Please congratulate this student: 9:52AM chckmate → timothysykes [private]:Bought BNGO @ 1.27 sold at 1.46 - 3k shares $600 profit. Straight from your videos. Thank you so much I am done for the day

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chckmate Nov 08, 19 3:27 PM

Hello Mpatel its not one specific video its actually a lot of videos that drill that pattern of what a possible dip buy looks like so you can try to recognize it. I have started watching the videos on dip buys backwards from page 57 there are 560+ videos I am watching and re-watching some.

chckmate Nov 08, 19 3:29 PM

Thank you Tim for the videos

Mpatel Nov 13, 19 8:25 AM

Where do yo find these videos? Gosh that’s a lot of videos!

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