$995 profit SYSX Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial fill on this morning spiker, lets see how far it can go, positive SEC filing, goal is to sell in the .03s, could be fast

Exit comments: Whewwwww what a morning spiker, only wish I had gotten filled more shares, but happy to take what I could, OTCs are back

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Berehane Jun 23, 22 10:13 AM

"Don't follow anybody alerts". said Tim!!

Dobko Jun 23, 22 10:25 AM

I have a tremendous amount of confidence in Tim's knowledge so I spent $1200 for some alerts but still not considered a member. of his Alerts.

tupuad Jun 23, 22 12:52 PM

Thanks Tim, good work!

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$830 profit CMGR Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip buying this big runner off its highs, c'mon 10-20% bounce, partial fill

Exit comments: Nice little wallet pad here on that intraday dip, I underestimated it bigtime the first spike around but even when that happens, there's usually a second or even third opportunity...learn the http://tim.ly/sykesmorning pattern well, it's ALL about preparation and being ready for perfect plays like this

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Dobko Jun 22, 22 12:16 PM

@timothysykes after days of figuring out the website, I finially got to here after the alert.

tupuad Jun 22, 22 12:26 PM

Thanks Tim! Great Lesson.

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