@timothysykes Why do you think Binary Options are scam ? I have made much money with them , using Martingale Strategy , binary options are regulated by the UE which you use Top Option

WizeFool Mar 05, 15 8:07 PM

@Kevinmw Martingale is when you double your position size on the next trade when the first trade is a loser. in my experience, the best time to use this strategy is with a static buy/sell zone and a volatile and highly directional market. All other martingale risk management situations might last for a period of time, but destruction of the account is almost inevitable. Stay away from martingale until you have loads of experience and a track record of using it successfully. My personal opinion i

WizeFool Mar 05, 15 8:09 PM

is that those who employ martingale risk strategies do so educatedly and because they have not learned to accept the reality of losses in the trading game.

RicardosSilva Mar 07, 15 10:15 AM

@ngucapital Yes , its true . Have a lot of risk , but when you have experience , you will make profit every day. I start with 1k , and invest 10€ in the same option : "Sell" or "Buy" in Binary Options , in Forex market

jpdragon Mar 22, 15 1:42 AM

Hi, how do I start getting an account and able to practice? I'll try $500US. Please help

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