@mkpes just became a fully transparent trader today!

Keygame Feb 09, 6:14 PM

First year goal was +50k. Achieved +24k through three accounts: cash, IRA, Roth IRA. Most of the winnings were in the IRAs and had to withdraw with penalties to pay bills and get by. Still sitting on two speculative trades, all funds are tied up so haven't traded much for months. Bought too much, got trapped in downfall and didn't cut losses quickly, decided to wait, lucky there was no bankruptcy, December/January came into the green (or black), continue waiting for the big moves

Keygame Feb 09, 6:20 PM

2019 goal is +100k. Six figure target based on speculative holds. Someday I'll be back in the game. Learning about having tremendous patience...

Keygame Jun 12, 5:34 PM

Sold off a big loser. Long-term hold, trapped, couldn't day/swing trade due to account paralysis in two stocks. Moved all funds into one speculative Pink play, have broken all the rules. Can't wait to get back to regular trading someday

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