@mkpes just became a fully transparent trader today!

Keygame Feb 09, 19 5:20 PM

2019 goal is +100k. Six figure target based on speculative holds. Someday I'll be back in the game. Learning about having tremendous patience...

Keygame Jun 12, 19 5:34 PM

Sold off a big loser. Long-term hold, trapped, couldn't day/swing trade due to account paralysis in two stocks. Moved all funds into one speculative Pink play, have broken all the rules. Can't wait to get back to regular trading someday

Keygame May 17, 20 6:47 PM

After a one year wait without trading, and still holding a speculative pinky that is back near break-even with positive catalysts ahead, I'm feeling good about this year and next. Retirement from a former career brought new rollover funds into an IRA, and now I can try to apply all the past things learned from Sykes and Bohen. (Have watched the IU videos also). First week back lost about 150 on excessive trading 4 wins 11 losses. Will try to cut losses and increase win% I got caught holding too

Keygame May 17, 20 6:50 PM

long on the CODX short-sell flash-crash halts and gave back 2200+ in gains before I could get out. Lessons learned, maybe a trailing stop on next big runner. This week's goals to trade less, increase win%, decrease loss size.

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