$CNET was headed for a morning panic until they cleverly released news pre-market which not only kept it alive, but made a solid morning spike adhering to my setup rules. My short biasedness wouldn't let me see the clear setup and I missed out...this time. SureTrader had no shares, probably saving me a small loss.

Mathari Sep 24, 14 12:20 PM

What kind of trading network do you guys use?

Sooth_Sayer Sep 25, 14 8:25 AM

The screenshots you see here are from ThinkorSwim. You can download this software and use it for free.

Alex94 Oct 02, 14 3:37 PM

you can download this software without opening an account with thinkorswim?

Sooth_Sayer Oct 03, 14 8:37 PM

You'll need to start an account to log in to the software. Again, it's free. Just go to

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