I'm thinking of starting with a $100 Forex account and see how long it take for me to grow it to $100,000, then teach the people who join how how to pull potentially 20%+ profit each week with relatively low risk, and withdraw weekly. Last time I started trading penny stocks with a $288 account and grew it well over $300,000 in less than one year. Who wants to join me in the Forex challenge?

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Kauppias Sep 02, 14 6:36 PM

Trial for forex training

AndyL Sep 02, 14 7:05 PM

in socialtrader chat. i am in there during the US stock market session, and even a little earlier now. I answer questions and teach people my method. trading simply based on volume.

Kauppias Sep 04, 14 5:03 AM

If I get the free trial can we talk a little?

Tehmur Sep 24, 14 8:18 AM

hey i wanna learn to trade forex can u teach me?

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@MichaelGoode I have heard suretrader is the best to use in Europe. Is that true? And I have only about $1500 to use in trading. Where to begin?

MichaelGoode Jul 28, 14 8:14 PM

To be able to short penny stocks and with only $1500 to start with I think they would be the best option

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