@TraderGang the real kphillipryan threatening me, that's his # btw

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foxhallfred Jul 17, 15 12:36 PM

I saved the complete conversation record from facebook.

GeorgiaDawgsSEC Oct 27, 15 1:35 AM

Kevin Phillip Ryan was basically a pumper all over Facebook. He and I got into it once and he blocked me after I called him a stock promoter.

GeorgiaDawgsSEC Mar 31, 16 1:12 AM

Also noticed that Kevin Phillip Ryan's website he quoted in your text messages is no longer active. LOL

GeorgiaDawgsSEC Jun 15, 16 12:32 AM

@foxhallfred Kevin Phillip Ryan has a long arrest record in Polk County FL too. One crime he was arrested for was theft.

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