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WizeFool Apr 17, 17 10:58 PM

Just wanted to say thank you very much :)

Miracle Apr 18, 17 9:24 AM

This is great, thanks for sharing this.

WizeFool May 03, 17 8:10 PM

I've finally had the time to do this and really sit and read your post. I thank you again and humbly bow haha, you seem to be in an entirely different skill set than I, although I totally agree with the level of detail you are wanting! Thanks again

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Tiger7 Aug 22, 17 9:23 PM

I appreciate if you would describe more on RTNB when there was midday panic from 3.80 to 2.80 on 22 August and you took that panic as adding to your position and mentioned we must focus always on bigger picture. How can you tell the different between intraday dip buy and momentum snap on chart like RTNB and what is the bigger picture in this stock we should focus on

Lestat74 Sep 10, 17 8:56 PM

I willl appreciate if you can provide guidance on how to set up with a broker to short stocks

Zainali Sep 12, 17 11:11 PM

FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS PLEASE!!!! I get all the chart patterns. and im ONLY comfortable with first red day and overextended gap down.

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