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WizeFool Apr 17, 17 10:58 PM

Just wanted to say thank you very much :)

Miracle Apr 18, 17 9:24 AM

This is great, thanks for sharing this.

WizeFool May 03, 17 8:10 PM

I've finally had the time to do this and really sit and read your post. I thank you again and humbly bow haha, you seem to be in an entirely different skill set than I, although I totally agree with the level of detail you are wanting! Thanks again

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[TimAlerts] Opened the next day after the last time it ran I mean* PULM longs were down .34 the next morning & never really had a chance to break even.


[TimAlerts] PULM is just a short squeeze, it's not really a mystery. Be careful holding overnight too, look how it opened the last time it ran.


[TimAlerts] PULM I wouldn't buy just yet, it's mid-day, and still need to watch how support and resistance play out

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[TimAlerts] Be careful chasing PULM, it's hitting the 200ma & last time it only broke it by a few cents & closed under it. Not a goo r/r to chase here.

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