TechnicalTicker May 30, 16 11:13 PM

@Munkal welcome to the community! Did you just joined? There is no one way I would say since everybody learns differently. Do you have any trading experience? Have you traded before? Are you looking to buy or short stock more often? Are you looking to become a full or part time trader? How much are you looking to put into an account? This will help me better guide you :)

Munkal May 30, 16 11:35 PM

the only trading experience i have is jumping into a stock that looked decent just to see how things work. cut losses decently quick but like i said i was more playing around feeling things out. ive seen money is the green but never took it cause i was being dumb clearly. i wanna learn to buy and later on learn the short part of the game later on. i really wouldnt mind becoming a full time. ive worked out of town for the past 6 years and just recently had my first kid. ever since shes been born

TechnicalTicker May 30, 16 11:39 PM

@Munkal would it be okay with you if we chat via Skype as it might easier to communicate?

Goldenboy602 May 30, 16 11:41 PM

Focus on one info source at a time. You dont want to overwhelm yourself and not absorb all you can from one source if you're attempting to sponge off of 3 at a time. Finish HTMM dvd then try paper trading and adding more sources of education. If you're new HTMM will be enough to get your started, and bare with it even though it's a bit dry at times. IT's AMAZING

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