After struggling to sell on Tuesday morning, I'm going to be much more hesitant to ever hold overnight in an OTC stock again!

Nirad04d Jan 09, 21 11:27 PM

I have had issues on OTC selling the next morning but have learned how to get my sell orders filled better.

Nirad04d Jan 12, 21 3:35 PM

well i will retract that. i had a nice gap up but i couldnt get executed 2 different times this morning on AABB. i just dont get it. i had the same price as time after looking at it. i put my sell price a touch lower than the bid and nothing got filled 2 times. so i made a stop loss to see maybe it would come back in the day. but it hit my stop loss. so i am just trying to learn how to get executed with E trade.

Nirad04d Jan 12, 21 3:39 PM

fyi i have had no issues with TD Ameritrade and selling OTC the next morning.

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@A_li_ just became a fully transparent trader today!

Nirad04d Feb 02, 21 4:00 PM

i entered it the other day. and didnt get my sell executed. so i just held it for a few days. did some research on the company.

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