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AngelTrades Mar 06, 17 1:45 PM

es I have an account with TD ameritrade but I signed up through TOSs website. I had to open an account there, and once I did I downloaded the TOS Desktop Platform and from there I was allowed to use their software for free. But this was last year. They might have changed their policy to where you have to invest now

LivingLarge88 Mar 07, 17 7:24 AM

Yeah maybe that is what happened because I can't gain access to the on demand feature on TOS :( Thanks for the feedback though!

AngelTrades Mar 07, 17 3:37 PM

awh man that blows! :( You should "invest" a whopping 1 dollar into that account ;) Maybe then you can get it:)! And your weclome boss!

LivingLarge88 Mar 10, 17 8:12 AM

I wish they would let me do that lol ... I will figure it out though. Thanks!

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