-$990 loss LIXT Long Stock

Entry comments: STT Breaking News play with positive cancer drug news, got up to 4ish so I';m catching it on a big dip off its highs, goal is a bounce of 10-20%

Exit comments: Cutting losses into a bounce, one of the dumbest, most undisciplined trades of my life, will do a video lesson later, could've been much worse, but discipline is a VERY slippery slope

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tupuad Apr 12, 22 10:59 AM

Thanks for the analysis.

maviz Apr 12, 22 5:39 PM

Tim, why pre market???? it was a nice run during the open...

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I do these posts mostly for me to track my trading journey*. Also english isn't my first language, so keep that in mind. As the commision fees with Questrade are $4.95 minimum or $9.95 maximum ($0.01/share) I realize in my paper trading account that the majority of my lost are due to commission fees because I trade very with a small dollar position. I will now on focus more on $1/share ish stock and stop to play with subpenny stock for a while because they cost me double the fees. Still going to use $450-$550 position in my paper account. When I'll be more comfortable with the data that I will have collect, I will eventually switch to my real account.

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