@RedRocket Hello. I'm new to super trades, I read your blog post. I'm not sure how much of use to you I could be, but I'm willing to offer what I can in return for some of your guidance. I was able to find $LAKE when it was down in the $9 was too expensive for me to play but I swung the ticker to my dad (he also trades) and he made a good $34K the following day. I would like to be more consistent with those kinds of trades. I have watched the entire super trades video library and did write down the titles of videos that I would like to rewatch and rewatch. Thanks for reading this.

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trade_seeker Mar 26, 14 3:24 PM

RedRocket, I read your article, going from 6k to 37k, i am in supers room also, i am watching videos and in chat when i can, is there anything else you did to learn stocks better

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