$1,337 profit BLOZF Long Stock

Entry comments: Another low priced runner that is closing strong with very little downtrending today, should lead to gap up and morning spike, I'd go bigger, but its a bit late in the pattern to take on any big risks despite the solid action right now, goal is to make 10-20% on the overnight hold

Exit comments: Had to take it, nearly a 10% gain, no overnight risk on an over-extended stock, just an insane market right now, I'll do premarket video lesson tomorrow recapping, but probly whole new set of morning spikers tomorrow so I'll take solid profits today and be happy

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Windwalzer Jan 10, 20 9:48 PM

Get in and out with a profit. You've played this ticker a number of times. It's worked well for you and you worked it well. I hope to be as good as you someday. Thank you.

RChen Jun 14, 20 6:21 PM


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$2,025 profit SHMP Long Stock

Entry comments: I re-bought this play on a nice dip into the market close, goal is to sell into a gap up and/or morning spike tomorrow...not sure if there'll be news or not, but worth a shot on this sizable dip as it should be able to retest today's high, good patience waiting for ideal entry on this first green day

Exit comments: PERFECT price action! No news like I wanted, but nice gap up to sell into so I'm taking this single and running, potential re-buy only on big dip or ideally breakout with news just like I said last time, rinse and repeat

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Peachtart Jun 06, 20 12:43 PM

Watched this one several times. Such good stuff. Thanks.

Rak Oct 24, 20 12:00 AM

Wow, freaking awesome. This is exactly what I needed to see right now! I've been trying to come up with how to figure out which ones are the best plays, I knew clean charts were the key but your granular examples just nailed it!

Rak Oct 24, 20 12:01 AM

You want to focus on the stocks that holds near its highs The stocks that look the cleanest are the ones that are going to work, not the ones that are super ugly Avoid charts that fakes red ever day. Focus on clean charts. Thanks @Jackaroo

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DeMattia73 Jul 24, 20 6:49 AM

So glad you got this on film - gotta study history. Wish I had seen this before the perfect setups like this in the past month. Amazing how consistent this pattern is when true panic happens!

SurfinWaves Sep 14, 20 4:44 PM

I love this video. One of your best Huddie!!

Zarnigor Oct 15, 20 8:56 PM

what accaunt you use to short OTC ?

Vox Dec 01, 20 7:36 PM

I see now why Sykes mentioned the necessity of Lvl2 on for this strategy when Joel told me "you have to feel it out."

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$4,092 profit SHMP Long Stock

Entry comments: This is an even better panic on the hottest stock in the market, the bounce should be solid, could be quick though so be careful

Exit comments: God I love my job, perfect 20%+ bounce, classic from all my lessons, I was prepared fully and you should've been too!

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santhosh Feb 13, 19 2:30 AM

Whats #5. I am totally lost here

Tman19 Feb 17, 19 4:03 PM

This is Tims bread and butter, I got a nice entry and sold too soon as well. Everyone should’ve seen this coming

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$511 profit LFAP Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this recent runner into its classic http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic pattern, goal is to make 1-2 cents/share, nothing huge

Exit comments: Nice little bounce, I'll do video lesson as my entry and waiting for max panic was key to the profit here, watch NGTF too if it can panic enough

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Johnnorth Feb 11, 19 11:40 AM

I am Still learning Paper traded $shmp over weekend in at 0.665 on friday

Johnnorth Feb 11, 19 11:40 AM

out today at .769 Thanks Tim!

Nightbandit Feb 11, 19 9:36 PM

I made my first trade today with NGTF. I bought 660 shares @.535 and sold for .63. A good confidence builder for first pick. Thank you.

santhosh Feb 12, 19 2:36 AM

I will be interested to see the video session, how did Tim buy long this instrument

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