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JonathanIParra Aug 15, 12:47 PM

you always wanna be safe , in a bad market you wanna be safe and be conserative. as that said KBLB was a hot stock and its no used to chasing it overnight due to the bad market and that first green day don't play out .

Espartaco Aug 20, 6:15 PM

Be safe! Sometimes best play is no play

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redwagonrider Oct 02, 9:01 AM

I am getting better at planning. I recognize the key time frame for the best dip buy. stocks that are going red for the 1st time after going supernova. I recognize the importance of not chasing stocks up here, and waiting for the best odds setup. I have your preferred brokers. I really like morning video lessons as it prepares me for the day. Thanks

JRF Oct 14, 10:54 PM

Thank You Tim. Keep posting video lessons so I can continue to study the past and present.

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