Flockstock Feb 23, 12:08 PM

Dilutive offerings, financing, prospectus, 10Q, SEC filings, warrants, shelf registration, supply and demand, issued shares, ATM =can immediately sell into market, float , warrant is a call option, dilution compare to volume level, market cap,

MichaelGoode Feb 23, 1:48 PM

@Tavis it looks like the right screen to me -- I was going over offerings and the filings you get that info from. At least for the parts I've looked at briefly it looks like the right screen / window

Tavis Feb 23, 2:09 PM

@MichaelGoode , just checked again and now its showing the footage . Must have been a glitch. Was originally just showing the profitly page the entire video

epaulson2 Feb 23, 2:22 PM

"I let you kill him next time. I'm sure he tastes really good..." hilarious!

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hutchstock Feb 10, 9:22 AM

Alas, I never get to watch this live due to personal schedule, but always look forward to the catch-up and really like the analysis of the previous week's guru trades. Thanks Tim.

Learning4FF Feb 10, 12:07 PM

Thanks Tim. Watched it twice and bookmarked it.

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