Entry comments: I re-bought this play on a nice dip into the market close, goal is to sell into a gap up and/or morning spike tomorrow...not sure if there'll be news or not, but worth a shot on this sizable dip as it should be able to retest today's high, good patience waiting for ideal entry on this first green day

Exit comments: PERFECT price action! No news like I wanted, but nice gap up to sell into so I'm taking this single and running, potential re-buy only on big dip or ideally breakout with news just like I said last time, rinse and repeat


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  • Position Size45,000
  • Percentage17.65%
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msowinoMar 20, 4:39 PM

Am watching this closely. Thank Tim.

adinkov2001Mar 20, 6:07 PM

Tim, just wondering, how did you buy the absolute bottom in the last market hour?

Rokit1manMar 20, 9:09 PM

Thx Tim. Watching closely.

Rokit1manMar 20, 9:17 PM

Volume on that last candle stick 7.2 million. Dont know how quick I can get in this stock opening in morning.

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