@Treboni let me know what MJ said about this Treboni → MichaelGoode:In regards to you writing IDXG prices $3.6m at $3, public offerings aren't great news, but seeing a ton of support right at $3. Any thoughts or completely ignore this guy today? Interesting if the offering is right at'd think it would just bounce up if the stock is strong...

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[TimAlerts] IDXG new HOD into the close, real pissed i didn't hit my execution at $4.25


[TimAlerts] stop trying to trick newbies man you guys are sad PULM is not going any ware but down


[TimAlerts] PULM no chance i'm chasing here. It's triple dbl topped in the past right around 3pm, and dropped from there. Just triple topped. No play for me, good luck longs


[TimAlerts] PULM going to be tough getting through $2, if it does though it will run for sure

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