Please retweet/favorite this https://tim.ly/2N7ydLZ and help me wake more people up from their stubbornness on this pump!

Soozep Jun 28, 18 6:42 PM

I appreciate your sharing all you do. It is helpful. I watched your pitch about Tim Sykes Weekend Profits and loved the idea but had an idea that might sell more people on buying the program. My idea is to give away one weekend pick and let people try it. if it works really well and is a stock that might make them a mid 5 figure return, they may them have the money to invest in the program!

bandit14 Jun 29, 18 7:28 AM

I saw that James Altucher podcast with TimS and have to agree, there would be more traction if you gave the first XXX subscribers a one weekend "giveaway" to prove to unbelievers that it can work for them too and then they would more willingly part with their cash to join the programme

Soozep Jun 29, 18 10:45 AM

Maybe it is an idea who's time has come!!!!

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