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AngelTrades Feb 27, 17 11:13 AM

You have to realize that sometimes all the news in the world can't drive a stock up and sometimes a stocks becomes full supernova without any news. $DRYS has been falling everyday now since the 17th of February. You can't expect it to just become supernova again. There a lot of factors at play but as of right now one of the most important ones is that the line of least resistance is down so the trend will continue down until it ceases to. I hope that makes sense.

AngelTrades Feb 27, 17 11:17 AM

Keep your head up :) We're all in this together! May god bless you with lots patience and ambition to study your butt off! :) Sometimes we all need a little push!

Madbash Feb 27, 17 12:19 PM

$DRYS has been diluting heavily. There are hundreds of millions of shares in the float. It is not a good long. Avoid unless you can short. IMO

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