@bigfish2791 I'm just starting, what broker do you recommend for starters?

bigfish2791 May 24, 14 10:43 PM

I've only had one since I started...optionsxpress. I wouldn't recommend them for pennies though. Etrade is probably better, Think or Swim (TD Ameritrade), Scottrade, are all popular brokerages for pennies. Don't use Suretrader for pennies though...I've heard the commissions are awful. It's good for Nasdaq though, since they have no PDT rule. Good luck!

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bigfish2791 Mar 17, 14 4:21 PM

humblebee, nice profit chart, bro!

humblebee Mar 18, 14 9:09 AM

thx~~ hope i can keep it up lol

kkk9233 Apr 05, 14 5:23 PM

@humblebee Do you have a blog where you post your watch list & recap your trades ? It's clearly that you don't follow Tiim`s strategy, since you are trading sub penny stocks, which are more volatile -:). I would really like to learn some things from you. Is it possible to add you on Skype, Twitter/Facebook ? Congratz and keep up the good work !

humblebee Apr 07, 14 6:36 PM

@kkk9233 well i trade in tim silver chatroom..and stockhaven chatroom

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