[TimAlerts] Adam Feuerstein @adamfeuerstein . @BioRunUp Um… $CYCC already failed ph3. IMNP developing Ceplene, a mangy mutt of an AML drug even Bo wouldn’t play with!


[TimChallenge] @BioRunUp VKTX active $9m offering through Maxim ready to price... "interesting" how the share price is up 90% today. Remember HTBX ? $2.51 to $.69


BioRunUp">@BioRunUp Hi, I am a Newbie and I am looking at successful traders as yourself to mayb guide on few issues. firstly, which broker do you use? i have been researching but with all of Tims vids my head feels fried! lol. secondly and I can kind of guess what you would say how is it you are successful in your trading? What platform do you use? I would really appreciate your response. Thanks

milwaukeetrades360 Oct 11, 14 5:12 PM

Sure Trader, bad reviews, great for me and my small account. PDT rule #awesome

dreamx Nov 24, 14 5:39 PM

@ShowMarkTheMoney Correct me if I'm wrong, I believe optionsxpress does not Short Sell stocks under a $5.

LLooper Dec 15, 14 2:44 PM

Which broker did you go with?

dreamx Dec 15, 14 6:06 PM

@LLooper I am using thinkorswim as my account is not big.

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