@roodastockguru Hello, my name is Michael-- I am investigating good ole Tim Sykes and seeing if this is something that I would like to do. I have watched the community a bit on here and it seems like you have been very active for the last 4 months and I was hoping to catch somebody to talk to a bit and maybe ask a few questions. Would you mind if I pick your brain a little bit? Thank you for your time and good luck. Michael

dastockguroo May 22, 14 5:39 PM

Im using think or swim (tdameritrade) majority of the time. I think for shorting stocks there are better platforms like Tim recommends

Michael_0013_ May 22, 14 6:57 PM

I was thinking about opening up another account with TDAmeritrade. Thanks for your help. One last question-- Has this been a positive experience for you? Would you recommend it to others? Have the TIM Alerts and chatroom been beneficial? Thanks for your help... I really appreciate it.

dastockguroo May 22, 14 7:27 PM

I like Tdameritrade plus they have like free trades for 2 or 3 months if promotions still going. I have never used the chat room. The tim alerts are ok, but you have to be super fast the market moves quick. It is a good way to learn to see when he is buying and why. I don't always recommend following his alerts but helpful to follow the trades to see if you can see what he sees. This is where his DVDs are helpful

Michael_0013_ May 22, 14 9:03 PM

Good to know about TDAmeritrade. Interesting about the alerts.. sounds like that is what most people are interested in, but glad that not everything is relied upon from that.

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