$596 profit SKYF Long Stock

Entry comments: Small $ position on this speculative sub-penny with news https://tim.ly/3iA9bqO crypto space, got a bit of a dip off its highs of .0018, goal is to profit 15-30% on the bounce with ideally new day highs, sub-pennies move fast so beware

Exit comments: New day highs, but just barely, probly needs more time but I really hate sub-pennies so locking this in

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khou767 Jun 10, 10:54 AM

I am watching thank you Tim!

aficfs Jun 10, 12:33 PM

i was watching this stock myself so that lets me know i am on the right track.

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$1,624 profit LTNC Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial position on this morning panic dip buy given how much t bounced yesterday, goal is to sell in the 04s

Exit comments: Decent little gain here, but nothing huge and I need to focus on this potential RGBP dip buy as that's dropping nicely now

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ferk Apr 15, 10:22 AM

Was watching this one and got in at .0335! Got scared and jumped out at .0363...Coulda/woulda/shoulda but I will take it anytime I am trading like Tim! Also, Happy Birthday hope you have a great one!

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