Received 2 Karmas
growthwithcourage Jan 13, 7:21 AM

Stock is still climbing. I got out early but hey. I got money in my pocket

Aric Jan 14, 7:38 AM

Thoughts on ADAP?

growthwithcourage Jan 14, 8:00 PM

@Aric Thank you for your question Aric. With any company I base my attention only on their ability to fit in the parameters talked about in Tim's classes, does it fit my schedule of trading, does it fit in my set parameters, etc. If you want feedback on a particular ticker I recommend searching on twitter and put ADAP. Always besure to put the ADAP and you will get an idea of what people are blogging about the company. *HUGS* Happy Trading. Trade Smart. Trade Strong.

growthwithcourage Jan 14, 8:02 PM

For some reason it is not putting "$" in front of the ADAP. When searching on twitter put "$" before the ticker abbreviation

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