Received 2 Karmas
sealwg Mar 24, 17 2:21 PM

a little embarrassed to say 50 shares...also played it long on ThinkOrSwim live screen (not the delayed ticker), and my long at the amount I could do on paper (1,000sh), would have netted me over $6K. Something to look forward to when I can go long with that size position.

sealwg Mar 24, 17 2:23 PM

I was concerned when I had to see the close, at 4.64...afraid of the short others were playing...but when it stayed over $6, I could go to bed without too much worry...

colossus123 Mar 24, 17 2:23 PM

@sealwg Exactly. Don't worry about the numbers now. Worry about making the right plays and having a strong winning percentage. The rest will come$$$

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