$575 profit NLST Long Stock

Entry comments: One more dip buy as while its making new lows, there are some seriously big buyers and I think the selling is just due to the overall market, goal is to sell into a bounce in the 4.40s or 4.50s, nothing huge but just picking my spots carefully

Exit comments: Solid little bounce, best trade of the day for me because I reallllly didn't want to do it, I'm now running an hour late to film in studio, but again I saw opportunity and bought right around where several other 40k-50kk blocks were buying, I'll detail more in a video lesson but that was likely max panic on the day...it probly bounces more, but like I said I REALLY have to go so I'm just locking in this solid single

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tupuad Apr 25, 3:09 PM

Thanks Tim, good work!

jueyito Apr 25, 7:42 PM

Very good just another learning class for me !!

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$318 profit NLST Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip buying the big panic on this recent runner, selloff due to overall market and stop losses, goal is a 5-7% bounce, nothing huge, but good risk/reward down here

Exit comments: Nice little bounce here, all because I wasn't looking to trade, actually trying to head out to go film in a studio, but as I always say, I'm a retired trader looking to come out of retirement ONLY when there's a play that's so good I would feel guilty missing it...and that fit this to a T

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