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Fox_Trader Feb 04, 17 5:27 AM

I've pretending that my livelyhood depended on it. Afterwards I did notice myself forcing plays which is so so destructive to my account. Long-term goal is to do the same just need a larger account then will be all set.

King_Ramza Feb 04, 17 8:22 AM

This is awesome and so encouraging. Because as you can see I share every trade. It helps keep me focused and humble.

KShim Feb 04, 17 10:43 AM

@mikemosseri I actually dont have forex yet. Its all futures trades I want to upload, and I have several hundred of them.

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sunseeker Nov 20, 15 4:57 PM

ok. I am canadian. so no PDT for me with IB?

GKOPENA Nov 20, 15 5:01 PM

@sunseeker00 you lucky bastard

GKOPENA Nov 20, 15 5:02 PM

@sunseeker00 (Vinnie Jones from the movie Snatch). no, you will not be under the PDT

sunseeker Nov 20, 15 5:40 PM

ok thanks. I wish I had of known how bad ST was when i first started. I started with $3k which is now withered down to $800 in a few months mostly from commissions. I was thinking about just trying to grow the $800 into $4k and switch to IB but maybe its better to just leave the $800 in there and not really trade unless is see a 50% move opportunity, and wait a few months until i have the money to open an account at IB? what do you think?

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