anatomic Dec 23, 19 3:06 PM

working on that. Here's a picture oftrade on DTIL today. I only got half size, but I risked $140 and made $646, so about 4.6R

CrowofShortClan Dec 24, 19 1:38 AM

Greetings Hunter, always good to see a fellow dedicated short seller. If you want to enter in depth conservation about short setups, chart patterns, trader psychology etc. we should use discord or something of the sort. I feel you on that not having anyone to discuss/exchange thoughts with on short selling or trading at all really for me.

CrowofShortClan Dec 24, 19 1:42 AM

Also, I have plenty of stock analysis that you could analyze if your interested. If you detail your trades, I would appreciate if you would be willing to share your trading logs.

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Crossed $10k total profits yesterday! It's been surreal after constantly being humbled by the market during my first 9.5 months of trading. After making major adjustments to my strategy in mid-November, I'm now working on my 18th consecutive green week. I must say, it feels good to have data that shows I'm not just getting lucky at this point. I've traded far from perfectly these past 4 months though - I'm still learning important lessons every week, and I'll never stop trying to improve. Next challenge: sizing up (slowly).

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YangLuo Mar 20, 18 5:16 PM

Shit, sorry, there's a max char limit per comment.

KenKwan Mar 21, 18 6:40 PM

Thanks for sharing all this, YangLuo.

KenKwan Mar 21, 18 11:45 PM

Thanks for sharing this, YangLuo!

YangLuo Apr 18, 18 4:15 AM

Hey there, yes I am, but I had a big loss near the beginning of the month so took a week off to regroup and revamp my strategy. Now taking things slow. Was planning to write a blog post so I need to get on that.

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[TimAlerts] SUNE news 12:06pm Pacific time...Omega sues SuneEdison over Cash Disclosures

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