[TimAlerts] Think BIOA is worth shorting tomorrow? Anyone know the news on it? Up on hype or legit news?


[TimAlerts] I would not short now to late. be ready for snap up rally later on days. focus on s$p 1920 if that holds good if that does not h old than watch out 1870


[TimAlerts] $CGA volume spiked late friday despite no news. I took a look at their investor presentation (page 14) and one of their short term growth strategies is to acquire a new high quality production facility. Maybe news on this is coming soon?


[TimAlerts] I did some research, and what he does is buy these extremely illiquid stocks $VHMC on 6/6/2015 he or his group bought 535,000 shares when the price was down, well if you go on his Twitter Account and sign up for his email, he personaly emails you a stock to buy and not alert it on his Twitter, he probably has hundreds of people that get in this deal as the price goes up and up he sign my 6/15 alert is the biggest one yet it's going to be over .10 and on Friday an extreme dilution happened right


[TimAlerts] looked at $CGA but just not sure. was looking to short around 2.48 but then again seems like if it goes past 2.45 next stop is probably 2.70.


[TimAlerts] So with $PTN since it was rejected 2x is worth going long? Trade the hype? Pardon if it is a silly question

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