@oproldan Hey Oproldan-- My name is Michael, I am just about to get started with Sykes and I noticed that you are currently an Optionshouse trader. That is the platform that I am using right now. I wanted to ask how it has worked for you being a part of Tim's program. Thank you for the insight and help. Michael

oproldan May 23, 14 1:59 AM

whats up mike. OH is good because its cheap, i also use IB. Not part of Tim's program, i'm part of sang lucci's, which is why i chose those brokers. View my profit chart, make a lot real quick, and then almost back to square one because i got over confident and didn't stick to basics. Good lessons learned, and im making my journey back and beyond.

Michael_0013_ May 23, 14 8:24 AM

I did look at that-- you were killing it. Good lessons learned, right? Can you tell me more about Sang Lucci? Is he/she a guru that you can pay to follow? Are there video lessons that you have learned from, or just previous experience? Thanks for the help. I might have a couple more questions if you don't mind. Really interested in getting into this soon. Especially for the summer. Thank You

oproldan May 30, 14 2:57 PM

no, he doesn't give you alerts to buy or sell. trade alerts don't work, and its not reliable to copy and paste. give a man a fish he'll eat for a day, teach a man how to fish and he'll eat forever. Over the long run, id rather learn then get lucky hits here and there. You'll feel better about yourself too. The best traders in the world don't copy. go to his site and call him, they will pick up i guarantee you.

Michael_0013_ May 31, 14 11:22 PM

I feel ya about the alerts being a shot in the dark. I have been trading now for 6 years and been successful on my own just fine, but always want to learn more. I looked at Sang Lucci-- did you do the 12-Day right away, or did you do the Starter Course first? Thanks again for all your help, just want to get as much info as possible, you know?

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