radkan Jun 20, 17 9:49 AM

Thank you everyone! Yes it was a terrible rookie mistake. I got out at 8.05. $750 loss, hurts but better than losing more.

sergpnd Jun 20, 17 10:40 PM

It gaped down today on public offering news. It will probably go down tomorrow. But it's part of the trading you never know when it happens

wannabestocktrader Jun 20, 17 11:33 PM

Yeap, the daily chart going back to the start of June shows no real signs of a good short setup. Even at the highs today, it was heading towards a 52-week breakout so you'd be reckless to try and short there. The S-3 was made effetive 06-09, but it was replacing the previously expired S-3 from 2014, so there was no practical way of guessing an offering so soon. While that might have prevented me from going long, I don't think there were any signals to short before the offering was announced.

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