survi11 Feb 01, 16 6:57 AM

I heard interactive brokers don't have that good of a customer service, but if you're not looking for that definitely go for them. It's more like for advanced traders :)

HebrewHammer Feb 01, 16 9:39 AM

If you have a margin account with etrade you can sell and buy right away. No waiting 3 days. Just do some research on a margin account so you know exactly what you're getting. Also, with IB you need at least $10K to open an account.

TraderH Feb 01, 16 9:59 PM

You need a margin account. Like Hebrew said margin accounts help to buffer the 3 day settle. Interactive brokers is for serious traders but they have higher income and experience requirements. IB also has a decent amount of borrows for shorts.

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KeepTheRules Jan 22, 16 7:18 AM

See if you can find a platform simulator and start trading there, i know there are some. Ask here things you need help with, there is nice people here that like to help. Take care of your money, unless you have a lot to blow. Have fun!

TraderH Jan 22, 16 11:40 AM

Tim's video lessons are your friends.

MejiaDiana19 Jan 22, 16 12:41 PM

How To Make Millions DVD is pretty comprehensive. Good for beginners.

cwood Mar 05, 16 9:50 AM

@mahmut413 I use teamviewer. send me a dm at and we can talk

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