@tim lento do you have more webinars to watch besides that one you made this monday (july 30th) i really apprciate your time you invest doing that webinar. thank you for your time and for taking the time to response.

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[TimAlerts] bought $GNK @ 6.51 200 shares out @ 7.12 .. $124 profit in literally 2 mins.. think i sold too early but happy taking profits ty @tim


[TimAlerts] Long $THLD @ 1.15 | Out @ 1.23. Went long on the 1.20 b/o but noticed a change in momentum when I gave it a second chance to test HOD. Thanks @Tim and @TimG for helping me improve my trading strategy.


[TimAlerts] @tim MDGS looked like the channel pattern after a spike even with an uptrend but it went down fast


[TimAlerts] @Tim can you do a video for us by looking at $DRYS from 9:18am-9:20 am on all of those .64 trades while the .64 seller didn't move from the ask?

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