$74 profit ENRT Long Stock

Entry comments: This Lithium play is breaking out of a multiday base in the .03s, spiking 50%+ today already on record volume since Tesla is hitting alltime highs and this old ENRT news is being spread around on social media https://tim.ly/2txjIMu how their lithium is useful for electric car markers, see tweets like this https://tim.ly/2ShE98j and that makes me think this can go Supernova, a potential 50-100% more in spiking this week, cut losses at .04 if it fails since its so speculative, solid upside though

Exit comments: No overnight press release and Tesla is dropping 7% at the market open on an analyst downgrade so I'm cutting this one for minimal gains...it was a 40% winner from my buy alert, but the big Supernova move doesn't look to be panning out so potential re-buy only when Tesla is doing better and/or they issue a press release that spikes the stock with volume. Good first test for Supernova Alerts, I'll do a video lesson with a full recap shortly

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andresh100 Feb 09, 9:59 AM

I received the alert in my email wished i had received it by text message so i could get into the stock on time

us1tahoe Feb 10, 7:53 AM

I reached out via phone due to the non text messages as well and it has been over 72 hours with no return call. I called last week.

willisstan Feb 13, 8:29 PM

I am not receiving your alert. I requested it by text and email.

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