Entry comments: Go long on Apple stock and call options for a strike price of $93! New products are launching! New iphone 6 with bigger screen, new iwatch with biometrics, new ipads, and new home monitoring! Oh and a new OS! Buy and hold for the next few weeks!

Exit comments: AAPL going to break $93 today and test a new 52 week high shortly. New product launch is coming early! I told you! Here comes $125 a share! Already over $93 today!


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PennyKing2014Jun 30, 14 11:09 AM

Buy all the shares you can and call options long for July, August and September! Tim Sykes you missed the big trades on SPWR and TSLA, so do not miss AAPL, she will break $100 a share fast. Financials are also coming in a couple of weeks! Even though you are a hater, I still give these free bad ass trades for you all of you. I want you to make this money with me!

PennyKing2014Jun 30, 14 1:41 PM

I told you AAPL will break $93 today, here comes $125 a share! Buy and hold for next week!!!!!

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