Entry comments: I am also buying July 19th calls for a strike price of $96.43! Tim and Super Man this is where the money is! Apple calls are rising fast for July 19th and July 26th! Financials and new products are coming! Price target raised on AAPL to $125 a share!

Exit comments: Big move to $100 coming next week! I told you!


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PennyKing2014Jul 08, 14 9:58 AM

Buy as much as you can and make millions with us!

PennyKing2014Jul 11, 14 11:21 AM

Massive buying spree today and accumulation on Apple stock. Make sure you cover any short shares before close today. Bulls are here. Price target upgraded again on Apple stock. Call options for July are rising ten fold! Over $100 we go!

PennyKing2014Jul 16, 14 8:34 AM

I told you! Massive deal with IBM over night! Price target is raised to $125! Goldman and Citigroup both upgraded Apple stock this morning! Go all in and hold for Monday of next week!

PIPMAN305Oct 31, 14 2:03 PM

Where's my money Kevin Phillips Ryan? Fucking Thief! Scammer!

PIPMAN305Oct 31, 14 2:03 PM

You going to jail buddy!

GeorgiaDawgsSECOct 31, 14 4:48 PM

The money he stole from multiple people is likely the money he uses to trade with. LOL. He'll be on the TV show Busted with all the other ponzi scheme artists out there. Poor bastard.

TraderGangOct 31, 14 6:23 PM

Wire fraud is 4 years in Florida. Soon he will be charged

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