Entry comments: #forex #FX Open new trade in $eurusd, testing fxcm's upgraded web trading platform (which i have been eyeing for sometime due to the unreliability of their desktop trading station II) looking to target a bump to the 1.23300 stops below prior support test near 1.23000

Exit comments: #FOREX #FX +10.8 closed trade after failed to break out past price zone, missed PT by 1.5 points considered manually closing it, but missed the first opportunity, too much liquidity above SLZ, waited for another re-test , never happened, made a major error on this trade setup, entered thinking that the daily pivot was above my entry price, (however this was a Camilla based pivot with the classic daily pivot being below entry right near my stop), prob just lucky in a way that this was not a loss


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JasonRogersApr 10, 18 9:39 AM

What problems are you having with FXCM's desktop platform?

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