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Entry comments: Bought 25000 shares of EAPH at .034. The weed sector seems to be hot and has tons of supernovas in different stages of the pattern. This one continues to break out but is still very low priced. If it can break .035 it could run. Risk is .03.

Exit comments: Sold EAPH just after the open. Tried to get filled at .036 at the b/o level but didnt get filled till .0345. Not a problem, just wasnt breaking out like i wanted so I got out break even.

Posted: Jan 20, 3:58 PM

Entry comments: Bought 800 shares of INFI at 1.86 before the close. This bio stock has a huge gap down from 4 but released a PR about preclinical news. Im not as excited about the news as I am to the reaction to the news and the b/o over 1.80. I think if it closes above 1.90 this 36mill float could squeeze the 1mill shorts and start to fill that huge gap. Risk is 1.80. Reward is morning spike on monday. Smaller position due to being way to aggressive lately.

Exit comments: Sold INFI at the open due to the horrible premarket action of it dropping to 1.75 then bouncing back up to 1.94 at the open. I wanted to be patient but my problem has been not locking in profits. When it struggled at 2 i sold to protect myself from any loss. Im happy about it even though its breaking 2 as I type this. No big deal, Ill take my safe $50

Posted: Jan 20, 4:04 PM

failed premarket breakout. broke below my risk

Posted: Jan 23, 9:05 AM

Entry comments: shorted the reversal. Stop at 1215.6 risking $100 to potentially make $540.

Exit comments: Trade went against me and ran into my stop.

Posted: Jan 22, 11:56 PM


Posted: Jan 22, 8:50 PM