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Latest Trades

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$10 Profit
MTNBLong Stock

Entry comments: =====Recent spiker / nice uptrending day chart / FGD / good volume / over vwap all day===== 15:52 - bought 1000 shares @1,88$ (+5$ fee = 1,885$) Bought at EOD when breaking HOD.

Exit comments: 16:29 - sold 1000 shares @1,90$ (-5$ fee = 1,895$) Not used to trade after hour… decided to play safe and sell for a green trade. (Of course the price popped up to 1,93$ exactly after I sold, but I really don't care!!! ;))


$0 Loss
NBEVLong Stock

Entry comments: Incredible support level I'm willing to risk a little for possible bounce reward, as oversold, massively bearish since 9.20.18 ATH. RSI way oversold. Bought at 1.91, risk @ 1.6 or less, for a .35 risk I'm willing to take. Gonna swing it, if b/d further, I might exit. But if a few cents here and there, I'll be patience, as r/r on my side here.

Exit comments: It bounced back and could have sold at 1.94 earlier but was being hesitant, but already bounced to 1.97+. So excited at b/e as I have my rule that if a position b/d and it bounces back at b/e, I exit.


($3) Loss
VXXLong Stock

Entry comments: Fun thing about stocks and not options is I can keep selling and entering til I'm in a comfortable place to ride, and if you take a few minor papercuts, at some point setting up for a win here. Yes the power of tweets are on, but then the SPX is starting to look like an overextended bitcoin run. Webull is great cause it allows me to trade from 1a to 5p. So I have more freedom to exit in the wee hours if need be. [Webull]

Exit comments: A little disappointing but it's a bleeding knife and best exit was 15.70 when I already saw it wasn't working. Anyway, not a major loss, did take back some gains from this week, but hey I tried. But can't hold over weekend and join the guessing game of trade deals or not. Gotta stick to obvious plays. Moving on, gonna watch rest of SEC Filings DVD and refresh. overall, week was good and wasn't in loss, so that's a plus. [Webull]


Entry comments: CHART trade example earnings winner pullback .. personal stop loss 4ema and personal target hig 12's if it works

Exit comments: super winner !!


($28) Loss
CCCLLong Stock

I felt CCCL found a bottom at $1.11 @ 10:42am, 4 green bars (small) trending up towards VWAP...follow through bar was a small doji bear bar...once the next bar started printing RED exited small loss ....CUT YOUR LOSSES QUICK! LIVE TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY! HAHA

($8) Loss
CCCLLong Stock

HOMEWORK: Cut losses quickly MKT order made