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MiaPlateau Apr 08, 1:54 AM

• If a low float company gets into a deal with a massive company, i.e. Wal Mart, it will spike.

TonyG1 May 25, 5:35 PM

Cut your ego and CUT yur losses quickly!

JonathanIParra Jun 10, 11:33 AM

Keep my ego in check when im trading and cut my losses and stay discipline . great trades

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piscott0306 Apr 17, 11:54 AM

boring old habits..............

TonyG1 May 24, 7:37 PM

Boring ole Habits!

JonathanIParra Jun 10, 11:05 AM

Boring old habits , vray was a classic #5 , and the other stocks were great earnings breakout plays . you love those and im gonna keep on studying

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[TimAlerts] Im reading the ABWN PR and its all one-sided so far from what Im finding. No direct quotes from EL. Just "gray area" statements by ABWN. If there was something of substance I think there would be a more definitive statement with acknowledgment from EL.....I call SHADY!


[TimAlerts] So Im reading a PR and Zayo specifically states that it will acquire Electric Lightwave for 1.42 billion...gotta see what EL specifically says about ABWN...unless thats what youre talking about


[TimAlerts] Looks like Zayo will aquire Electric Lightwave who has entered into an agreement with ABWN which possibly means they'll be shoveling them $$$

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